EXPconsulting Corporation will be in International CES NEW YORK, Tuesday, November 11, 2014

EXPconsulting Corporation will be in International  CES NEW YORK, Tuesday, November 11, 2014
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EXPconsulting Corporation will be in International  CES NEW YORK, Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Will be presenting:Mobility, mobile applications for several uses in many sectors of business for Blackberry, IOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Mobility radius, Managing the planning and design of how the network must evolve in terms of capacity, network equipments and services offered according to network requirements/traffic forecast.

Dataltech, an EDM (Enterprise Data Manager) to provide an effective solution to the enormous need keep a golden copy of critical data in financial institutions and insurance, complying with Basel III and Solvency II regarding the quality of the information issued directives.

Advertiser, this solution allows you to be able to finance the cost of infrastructure in which intervene the company when it offers free wifi using sponsorship advertising on a network of advertisers.
The company chooses the type of advertising that you want to appear in this sponsorship, prohibiting any other advertising that is not consent.
The company uses the infrastructure which has in its present and uses care Advertiser transparently as technology that injected this advertising.
A deal between the parties for income advertising being negotiated on the basis of the volume so the establishment enters from advertising by reducing their costs of operation of the service is established.

WEBOPINION is a tracker that allows you to locate, extract, analyze and present information that is generated in the network on a name, product, or brand. Monitors and tracks millions of opinions, photos, videos, news and comments on the Internet that directly affect the reputation of the customer or user in the market and therefore the future of your business.

About EXPconsulting

EXPconsulting Corporation as several divisions of recognized prestige, we advise companies and individuals in different economic sectors and activities. EXPconsulting, a leader in technology consulting services, Cloud Computing, Mobility, Infrastracture, Outsourcing, Alternative Energies, Energy Efficiency His first and only goal is to advise and assist our clients to plan their investments in new technologies in the way more profitable, as well as to design and implement solutions that improve their competitiveness and to manage critical applications for the operation of your business.

As a result of our broad base of technological capabilities and our experience in the industry, our consultants are trained to design and implement solutions in various sectors such as the financial and telecommunications. To provide the best results to our clients, we remain committed to maintain our technological independence.

EXPconsulting Corporation has alliances with prestigious global partners, and is specialized in new technologies, energy, communication, institutional and public relations as well as in the acquisition and management of investments in several strategic sectors for achieving the agreed profit with presence worldwide. http://www.expconsulting-corp.com

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