EXPconsulting Corporation & IBM SmartCloud Desktop Infrastructure

EXPconsulting Corporation & IBM SmartCloud Desktop Infrastructure
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EXPconsulting Corporation & IBM SmartCloud Desktop Infrastructure

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Watch the video, “IBM SmartCloud Desktop Infrastructure”
Can your users work anytime, anywhere easily?
The world is now a mobile environment and employees expect more from their IT datacenters. Today, employees expect the workplace to come with them wherever they go and on whatever device they use. This anytime, anywhere, “bring your own device” (BYOD) mindset poses a dilemma for organizations. How can businesses realize the benefits of creating a flexible workplace while managing the risks and ensuring control, security and lower costs? Desktop virtualization can help you meet these demands and give employees more flexible, secure and productive ways to work, while helping IT managers easily manage, secure and deploy technology at lower cost. IBM® SmartCloud® Desktop Infrastructure (SDI) offers clients enhanced productivity and mobility by providing anywhere, anytime access from any supported device,. IBM SDI protects critical data and applications, streamlines manageability and lowers costs. Watch this video, IBM SmartCloud Desktop Infrastructure, to find out how IBM can help transform your existing infrastructure and help you meet your growing IT demands.
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Watch the video, “IBM SmartCloud Desktop Infrastructure”
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About EXPconsulting

EXPconsulting Corporation as several divisions of recognized prestige, we advise companies and individuals in different economic sectors and activities. EXPconsulting, a leader in technology consulting services, Cloud Computing, Mobility, Infrastracture, Outsourcing, Alternative Energies, Energy Efficiency His first and only goal is to advise and assist our clients to plan their investments in new technologies in the way more profitable, as well as to design and implement solutions that improve their competitiveness and to manage critical applications for the operation of your business.

As a result of our broad base of technological capabilities and our experience in the industry, our consultants are trained to design and implement solutions in various sectors such as the financial and telecommunications. To provide the best results to our clients, we remain committed to maintain our technological independence.

EXPconsulting Corporation has alliances with prestigious global partners, and is specialized in new technologies, energy, communication, institutional and public relations as well as in the acquisition and management of investments in several strategic sectors for achieving the agreed profit with presence worldwide. http://www.expconsulting-corp.com

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