EXPconsulting Corporation presents Dataltech EDM

EXPconsulting Corporation presents Dataltech EDM

Dataltech EDM is aimed to meet the needs that have financial institutions and insurance companies, in order to comply with the regulations issued for the pillar of Basel III, Solvency II, in the case of the latter, aimed at improving the transparency of information, ensuring the quality of the data in its reports to the regulator. This tool is part of EDM systems.

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Dataltech will be presented together with IBM Power 8 Systems.

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EDM Dataltech is a powerful platform built with elements the market standards, with the following characteristics
• Purchase of vendors or internal systems data prices.
• Normalizes different formats of information received
• Certified by the business rules
• Stores, without limitation, information in the customer database systems
• Distribute the information in any of the most common formats,
Market data are used by financial institutions to comply with the obligation to submit their daily reports of VaR (value at risk) of its assets to the regulator and efficiently allows the task of these audit reports at any time after requested.

It creates a single repository centralized data from external sources (markets) and internal systems. Becoming the single point of entry / exit data.
It guarantees a single price (gold copy) for all systems of the body.
It guarantees the quality of the data (price) through the application of rules of business and its subsequent manual control, that have been rejected for not complying with established quality control.

Allows the calculation of Variables not Observables, of certified data contained in the system. It has integrated an engine of calculation that allows to obtain, at any time of the day, on-demand, these reports which are necessary for the optimal management of the business.
Also allows the certification and the centralization of the static data: reference data, corporate actions, legal persons, compensation, etc..
100% auditable: allows Auditors, both internal and external, in – line, a full report of all data, at any time within the historical series of the last 10 years.
EDM (Enterprise Data Manager)

It refers to the ability of an organization to define, more precisely, facilitate their integration and allow the recovery, in the most effective manner possible, data from the business, which is its origin well internal processes or market sources.
Business objective:
It is the creation of a unique directory of data that meets the following characteristics
• Precise
• Consistent
• Transparent

With emphasis on the accuracy of data granularity and meaning of its content, how is integrated into business applications and also is transmitted (quality of data) without losing its attributes from other applications.
EDM is to know the circumstances of how users within organizations, model management and store your data.
Access to non-coordinated of different functions within a company data have resulted in disagreements about the information and the inconsistency in the quality of the data, reducing the reliability of the information used in the operations of business and report internally as a regulator.
Any EDM aims to ensure confidence and traceability of business data.

EXPconsulting Corporation will do a showcase of Dataltech and IBM Power 8 in London ask us for more information.

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