EXPconsulting Discover Dell Flash-Optimised Storage Solutions

EXPconsulting Discover Dell Flash-Optimised Storage Solutions
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  Discover Dell Flash-Optimized Storage Solutions.  
The answer to your increasing data demands — and decreasing budgets
It’s no secret that flash storage provides a high-performance solution that allows you to access the data you need as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, flash has been too expensive for many companies to implement — until now.
Engineered with intelligence to provide the performance of flash at the price of disk
Innovative and industry changing, Dell™ Flash-Optimised Storage Solutions are the first in their class to tier data this granularly across traditional rotating drives1 and multiple types of flash that are optimised for read-intensive and write-intensive operations. It’s a difference that reduces your costs by up to 80 percent as compared to other flash-optimised solutions.2 Learn more from EXPconsulting Corporation .
Flash-optimised solutions are designed to reduce costs and provide high-performance, low-latency storage to:

Boost performance for enterprise applications, such as Oracle, SQL and Meditech
Accelerate virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), online transaction processing (OLTP) such as SAP, Oracle, SQL and more, big data, and other I/O (input/output)-intensive workloads
Improve throughput and latency for virtual desktop environments
Decrease data centre power consumption and cooling requirements
Help reduce rack space by up to 84 percent and reduce latency by up to 90 percent1
Run applications as fast as your business demands by putting 100 percent of your hot data on flash.


Transform Your Storage With Help From EXPconsulting Corporation



Dell Flash-Optimised Storage Solutions from EXPconsulting Corporation
Dell is the #1 vendor of choice for flash/solid state drive (SSD) deployment in a survey conducted by analyst firm SSG NOW (based on a survey of more than 550 IT professionals on their plans around flash/SSD adoption).3
Storage Evaluation Winner: InformationWeek 2012 Midrange Storage Array Vendor Evaluation Survey”




1 Based on internal Dell analysis in July 2013 based on Dell Compellent™ flash-optimised vs. spinning disk arrays and an internal test performed by Dell in March 2013 with Storage Center v6.3.10 on dual SC8000 controllers running OLTP-type workloads using IOmeter with a 100% random, 70/30 read/write mix and 8K sector transfer size achieved this input/output operations per second (IOPS) performance. Actual performance/latency will vary based on configuration, usage and manufacturing variability.
2 Based on internal Dell analysis performed in May 2013, comparing similar Dell Compellent offerings to EMC VNX Family,HP 3PAR StoreServ, HP EVA, IBM V7000, IBM XIV, Hitachi Data Systems HUS 100 Family, and Oracle Sun ZFS Storage Family and competitive U.S. list pricing from Gartner Inc., CP Storage, as of June 2013.
3 Dell is the #1 vendor of choice for flash/SSD deployment in a survey conducted by analyst firm SSG NOW. Based on a survey of more than 550 IT professionals on their plans around flash/SSD adoption.

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